What does your house say about you?

A person and their personality is what defines ones choices and that stands true when it comes to ones interiors for their crib. Let’s see what does that tell about the personality of the owner. Take cues, and make your house your true identity.

silent1. The silent ones always keep to themselves and is directly seen in what they prefer, they like to keep it simple. This minimalist approach towards ones interiors contains the bare minimal, yet a balance is achieved through the shapes and color.

The colors used are shades of beige or white. Sometimes exposed material are used as highlighters. Furniture is clean cut shapes and of one color tone, designed to blend with the rest of the interiors. Extra décors vary from few to none. The simple philosophy of these interiors are to cater to ones functional requirements ONLY.


2. The ladies are fashionable and elegant. The interiors is a direct reflection of their chic lifestyle. It’s a blend of fashion and art with vibrant colors and fashionable upholsters.

The colors used are strong and dynamic directly hinting at the qualities of the lady. A wide range of vibrant colors are used. Different types of furniture is used to break the monotony of space. Walls exhibit various kind of collectible paintings or one’s own works. The space radiates elegance and fashion.


3. The crazy ones love to experiment and play with their space, its filled with colors  and furniture of different shapes and sizes.

The colors are always a play, a pop art is made through these spaces. Though the  colors stay true and bright, the crazy one always strikes a balance. The furniture  stands out and are more often the unconventional ones. Lighting in these space are strong and the most innovative lighting is used which blends with the art        and upholstery of the room. With the crazy one it is always a play of genius.


4. The romantic loves a space that brings a right sense of harmony, a sense of belonging. The color shades are soothing and the furniture extremely comforting.

The colors used in these spaces are shades of two colors usually one primary and the other being of a lighter kind. The romantic loves to love what he does in his       space. The furniture is designed purely for comfort and exhibit a plush look. The upholsters are purely as a background and are not to distract the user. Mild use of exposed materials are seen and this strikes the right balance. The space is created   with intimacy and comfort as primary goals.


5. The tycoon is a man of the high life, anything he does or uses reflects his wealth. The interiors are of luxury and elegance.

The colors are the strong tones of primary colors with expensive wooden flooring. Walls are adorned with intricate carvings. The whole space radiates the pure brilliance of craftsmanship, as is goes the tycoon spared no expenses. Furniture is of the colonial style. The upholsters are of silk and fine textile with mild lighting from crystal chandeliers. The interiors redefine the luxury life.


6. The cowboy likes it strong and rustic and the exposed materials give the interiors that feel. The interiors are defined by the materials.

The color palate is usually that of the materials used, which vary from kinds of stone to wood. It shows the structure of the room. Flooring is of wood with thick rugs in few areas. Furniture is of wood, strong and elegant. The mildly lit space adds to the tone of the material and emphasizes it. Stone clad walls are a common feature. The interiors of this space portrays the sheer power of the cowboy.

What does your’s say? Let us know.


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